Regis Foods Price Comparison

Regis Foods Fishmen Commission

Regis Foods as well as many other food companies, deliver high quality gourmet food products. Regis foods use what’s known in the trade as ‘fishmen’. These guys are self employed sales personnel who purchase the frozen products from regis foods, and then sell them on to the end user. Of course, like any other business a profit has to be made, so the ‘fishmen’ add their commission to the final price.

Regis Foods Head To Head With stock exactly the same products as Regis Foods and in fact, stock the same quality frozen products as most of the respected food distribution companies in the UK. We decided at the end of 2011 to completely re-vamp the way we sell and deliver our gourmet products. So instead of using fishmen that go door to door selling, we now offer our complete range of high-end foods exclusively online. This radical change has had the effect of slashing prices for the end consumer of up to 80%. In fact, one look at a typical company such as Regis Foods price list will prove how much cheaper really are.

Regis Foods Forget Discounts!

For instance, Regis Foods currently have these products on offer at these prices. You can quickly compare how much cheaper we really are, quite staggering really! It just proves how much is added on for profit. Remember, we stock exactly the same products as Regis Foods and sell them in the same quantities.

Price comparison correct as of 18-2-2014 (prices can change at any time. Please visit relevant websites to check)

Tiger prawns £49.95 £21.35 £39.95 £46.95 £22.58
Fillet steaks £76.95 £56.80 £75.95 £72.95 £70.45
Cod loins £47.95 £19.75 £35.95 £39.95 £40.95
Rib eye steaks £60.95 £39.75 £67.95 £53.95 £49.15
Beef wellington £63.95 £38.95 £55.95 £58.95 £53.15
Luxury chicken kiev £47.95 £21.97 £35.95 £46.95 £42.75
Coquilles St Jaques £46.95 £19.75 £42.95 £46.95 £42.15